Current team (2019-20)

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Embarrassing autobiography coming soon 🙂
JP (James Prowse)
Vice President
Reece Hill
Hannah Price
Social Secretary
Aarabi Canajhfrjvefhewjrhgjh
Angus Macdonald
Beth Burrus
Simon Preston
Welfare Officer

Predecessors (RIP):


Ali El-Rhalibi

As the least deserving President in all of Newcastle MedSoc’s history, this BTEC Richard Ayoade has a more ambiguous ethnic background than all our internationals combined

Sim Sembi
Vice President

Voted #1 best hugger on the course, this Brum-born brown bear is renowned for inappropriately plugging his SoundCloud

Sam Wood

The self-proclaimed Geordie Tank is 80% hair (30% grey), 50% bad memes, and 25% staff discount at Next

Molly Sadler
Social Secretary

Our Mole has successfully infiltrated the Newcastle night scene to help bring you some of the best deals Newcastle MedSoc has ever seen. She also has a sweet spot for anything Rod-shaped.

Grace Gysin

Grace Gysin (pronounced: jizz-in); head of communications, but leaves you on read.

Bradley Werritt

What do you get when you combine a faulty pancreas, parents who are siblings and a phobia of social interaction? Brad

Campbell Mathieson
Welfare Officer

Campbell can be summed up in three simple words: birds, biceps, bevs. He can also be summed up in three other words: wee, Scottish, bassa.

David Isaac

When girls think of a dark, Northern Irish lad, David is definitely the last thing they imagine. But don’t let his nickname “Rod” deceive you, he has a really small penis.

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