The Committee

Sam Colenutt
After spending the Summer finding himself, and touching (the hearts of) children in South East Asia, our President is back and ready to be the token Non-Straight member of the MedSoc team
Rosh Aydogan
Vice President
Forged from the remains of Hugh Jackman's shower drain, but with slightly less hair on top (he makes up for that with the rest of his manly body though)
Iain Bolton
The best looking member of the team by far and loves to write his own bios
Matt Benton
Social Secretary
If you define social as drinking 2 litre bottles of cider before a night out and then speaking English but in an accent that no one can understand to then looking no further than our own super cockney Social Sec
Ben White
Whether everyone's out or not, you'll be sure to find Ben in Sinner's cage before the night is done (and by that we mean wrapped up in bed snuggling with his misses)
Perisa Bowater
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary. Ass secretary. Ass sec. Ass sex. Enough said.
Sara Heirati
She loves a party and loves to liaise at them (whatever that means) so she fits this role perfectly!
Rachael Charlton
Known Med School wide for baking her amazing Bake-off inspired cakes, she's the better half of the love duo, we like to call, Rach&Matt (we're not very creative) and she's pretty good with a phone and emails too.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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